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CORE brings consultants, project management, & full-outsourced implementation experts for OSS/BSS evaluation, data migration and process documentation. So you can focus on high quality customer experience.

CORE's team brings a combined total of 80 years of experience delivering telecom & IT system consulting - like meticulous evaluation in support of stress-free implementation.


What's the Status Quo?
What's it Costing You?

Evaluation starts with gaining clarity about where you are right now – including understanding the true cost of your current situation. 

We’ll assess where you are at, understand your strategic objectives and provide recommendations using our signature CORE Framework.

The Result?

Your next steps of system selection and implementation become crystal clear.


Evaluation + Implementation = Results

You’re ready to leverage emerging opportunities – but your oss/bss, data and process are holding you back and even costing you.

CORE's experienced solution-deliverers provide full spectrum data solutions including cleanup, mapping, and migration to facilitate the flawless implementation you're ready for.

The Datasphere is Doubling. CORE provides support so your team and system are ready.


CORE's team ensures your ongoing success

Before, during, and after your digital transformation project, support is critical for empowering your team’s success. You may even discover additional needs for expertise it’s more efficient to outsource, such as system administration, data audits and cleanup.

Get the people and expertise you need so you can rely on your data and systems for actionable insights over the long haul.

The CORE Difference

CORE provides the expertise, experience, and vision for our clients across telecom and IT industries.  We fuel your journey toward the data & system solutions you need to amplify your agility & leverage strategic opportunities on your horizon.

C – CORE Evaluation

A thorough review of your current situation, including OSS/BSS systems, data hygiene and clean-up needs, and present network status, allows us to know exactly where you are now and craft a plan for the most efficient path forward. 

We identify your ideal potential future states and lay out a range of paths you can choose from to get you there. 

This can be a standalone service, but most clients choose a solution that bundles consulting with our full-outsourced implementation services. 

O –Outsourced Services

Once our clients receive our evaluation report and recommendations, most choose to partner with us further, outsourcing the implementation solutions to CORE.  This is the most seamless way to hit the ground running quickly to solve OSS/BSS migration, reporting, or simply getting a handle on your data integrity needs.

R – Right Mix, Right Now

We’ve heard clients say this is our superpower, providing the exact team you need from the moment you say “go.” We just think it’s the best way to provide solutions, by linking a plan with the talent required to make it happen. 

You need the people and capabilities that are right for your project – right now. CORE’s Right Mix approach applies the exact experience and resources you need to move the needle – fast.

From project managers to actually handling the details of your data, along with implementing data repositories and system deployment, we build a flexible and dynamic team just for you with the precise people and skills you need for maximum efficiency with minimal friction.

E –Expert Support for Emerging Opportunities

CORE recommends the expert support you need to leverage emerging opportunities for the long run.  

That includes employee training and engagement, process documentation, and reporting assistance throughout your project.  

And as your new systems launch, you may discover additional opportunities with their own unique requirements. 

CORE’s experts support your team with project managers, system audits, server administration, integration support, and more. Keep your data serving you flawlessly with data quality assurance checks, data integrity support, and reports generated at regularly scheduled intervals that give you real time data you can trust with confidence.

From our Clients

“We couldn't get any traction due to deficiencies in that wasn't there, data in people's heads even, or even just in Excel. Don and CORE had a plan the whole time to capture all of our data and to structure it correctly. We wouldn't have made it through without him."


We had massive amounts of data, and CORE was able to throw 10 to 20 people on the project in an instant and that really just opened the doors for us. The faster we were able to get our data converted, the faster we were able to get to where we needed to be, and the faster we were able to actually save money that way."


About core

What would it be like, if telecom back-office management had the exact teams needed to restore data integrity, migrate legacy systems efficiently, and actually act on upcoming strategic opportunities? 

This question sparked the creation of CORE, some 11+ years ago.  Today, with a flexible team that’s right-sized for every client, we have the human capital and know-how to hit the ground running and move your project from idea to implementation.

Don Eben



Director of Collaborative Delivery


Director of Technology


Stop sacrificing your strategic priorities
to telecom back-office backlog

Stop sacrificing your strategic priorities to telecom back-office backlog