Our Story

How Core came to be. . .

Don was tired of seeing his clients get great plans – but remain stuck because they didn’t have the software systems, project management capacity, or data integrity (much less the human capital) to get from idea to implementation.

And he wondered…

What if companies could get both high-level telecom system consulting and full-spectrum data migration and IT implementation from the same source, one that can:

The core Team

 Today’s CORE team has long-term experience, including system evaluation and migration, database administration, API and integration, project management, documentation and training, and more.

That experience adds up to a combined total of over 80 years of experience in the IT and network industries. Our team’s mission is to get you from consult to project conclusion while equipping your own team to remain productive and engaged along the way.

Don Eben



Director of Collaborative Delivery


Director of Technology

What makes CORE unique?

The CORE Difference isn’t just limited to the services we provide. It starts with our people themselves.

And when we put the question to our team members, here’s what they came back with. 

One mentioned finding deep satisfaction in “going beyond to find a solution.” Another discussed a love of “problem-solving. Resolution. Getting a job done with accuracy.” 

And still another revealed she’s always looking for more efficient and “better ways to do things.”

Individually, our people bring a range of strengths and experiences that add value to every project they work on. 

Together, they create the synergy that delivers a consistent CORE experience to the clients we serve. 

Our synergy can facilitate your transformation from overwhelm to implementation, too. 

Our Mission

To help leaders and their teams assess their current needs, create a plan, and execute to drive results without compromising themselves or their team in the process.

Our values

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