Data Integrity

On February 18th, NASA’s Perseverance rover concluded its 293-million-mile journey in style by sticking a landing within its designated 4×4 mile target on Mars. A trajectory deviation of 0.000001° (that’s five zeros!), and they would miss Jezero crater’s prime terrain.

As I pondered the level of precision needed, I was reminded of the old 1 in 60 rule of thumb aviators use to calculate trajectory errors (a one-degree flight plan error results in a one-mile deviation after 60 miles of travel). A one-degree error for Pathfinder would have resulted in missing Mars by over 5 million miles!

What’s true for aviation and space flight also holds true for back-office data. Small errors add-up. A typo here, an open-ended process there and pretty soon communications service providers are facing a host of operational impacts. Sluggish processes, long lead times, duplication of effort and bloated costs are all common side effects of poor data quality.

That was the case for a dark fiber provider selling low latency routes to high frequency traders. CORE was contracted to audit and verify their dark fiber inventory, equipment and sites. After documenting all sites and clearing data integrity issues, we delivered accurate records which engineering could use, reducing the need to send a tech onsite for each job. As an added bonus, we also identified capex and MRC savings opportunities.

Data quality slowing you down?

Data integrity can slowly drift away from a sound trajectory. At CORE we understand bad data can bring business to a crawl. We also have the expertise to audit and reconcile your data, and plug process gaps so inconsistencies are less likely to creep-up again.
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Back office organizations have a lot of things vying for their time. It is easy for important things to get behind. We have been working in telecommunications for over 20 years with companies large and small. We would love to help you get caught up and ahead.

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Core Network Strategies

CORE provides experienced industry subject matter experts to assist in obtaining the needed systems, understanding and implementing the right process while ensuring you are loading and using clean data that will allow quick access to accurate information.