Why Ninjas?

Ninjas have skills, and so does CORE. Our specialized skillset helps back office organizations at communications service providers assess their priorities, create a strategy and bring projects to completion! Think of us as network ninjas.

Prepare Japanese street fare with

Chef Kumi

Live from Tokyo!

Tuesday, April 27th

Sign up today and the ingredients are on us*

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Back office organizations regularly have to do more with less. This means projects are often pushed to the back burner and people with the best skillset may not be available. Our clients utilize our project-focused professional services, our full-outsourced services, or both to bring in the skills needed to get projects done right.

Our professional staff, management, and leadership share extensive experience in all types of telecommunication systems and equipment. We help you assess, budget, and plan timelines and milestones for projects large and small.


In our initial consultation, we will utilize our experience to determine and assess what your needs may be.


A leader to assist in team formation, training, documentation and reporting to keep your project on task and every one on the same page.


Experienced telecommunications project team members with the knowledge and focus to execute.

About Chef Kumi

Born and raised in Japan, Chef Kumi graduated from college in the U.S. and culinary school in Switzerland, Chef Kumi’s craving for a deeper understanding of local food cultures led her to spend the past 20 years living and working in several countries in Asia.

She has taught at various culinary schools and is passionate about sharing her experience and wealth of knowledge with others.