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Partner with an IT support company committed to your ongoing success

Our customers frequently call our ability to provide 360-degree support for their entire team our “secret advantage.”  

We just call it part of ensuring your success.

Process documentation, employee engagement strategies, and reporting requirements are all part of ensuring your team is ready to keep your OSS/BSS systems running with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

After your project implementation, you might discover a need for continued data hygiene and integrity services to keep your newly pristine data serving you well now and into the future.  Or perhaps you realize you need additional support with network administration.

CORE Support provides the services you need beyond the initial project management and implementation period to support your continued operations and future opportunities.

CORE Support with Confidence

CORE Support gives you the confidence to know your systems will continue serving you

and your strategic initiatives now and into the future.

Employee Training & Engagement

Your IT migration project isn’t just about the hardware or software. Your employees’ engagement is another critical piece in ensuring a smooth migration or upgrade process. And it starts with employee training.  CORE’s often-remarked upon 360-degree approach to IT project management such as network migration includes employee training and facilitation. We ensure your people have the know-how and buy-in to be purposeful, passionate, and productive key players in your project implementation and beyond.

Data Audit

Once your telecom IT project is completed, you might discover you need an ongoing data audit plan to ensure your data remains clean, relevant, and actionable. CORE data audit services maintain data integrity, ensuring that telecommunication companies can increase agility for decision-making, reduce costs, and leverage emerging opportunities.

Data Cleanup

If your migration or IT upgrade project reveals additional data cleanup needs, CORE data cleanup services can help you regain the data hygiene and data integrity you need to maintain your competitive edge.  Identify, correct, and remove errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies of your business’s data, in order to reduce risks that come from acting on bad data, improve your decision making, and boost revenue.

Process Documentation

CORE helps you boost efficiency through process documentation that connects people, information, processes, devices, and more.  Document any needed procedures and implement any appropriate role-based access control. CORE’s process documentation ensures that knowledge silos become knowledge networks – institutional knowledge that’s structured, standardized and secure – but available exactly when and where it’s needed.

Reports & Auditing

What takes data and transforms it into information you can act on? Reports and auditing. CORE’s ongoing support includes reports and auditing services to keep you supplied with the exact insights you need in real time to optimize your productivity, reduce expenses (including the expense of unplanned outages) and maintain the ability to act with agility when opportunities emerge.

Functional Analysis

Understanding your needs and opportunities isn’t just about hardware, software, and your network. It’s about supporting the people and roles that interface with these systems and make your business happen. CORE’s functional analysis considers your operations from a functional perspective (Workflow, team interaction, systems used, data sources, workaround, etc.) in order to support both current operations and strategic goals

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