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leverage reliable data to drive unparalleled results

With a detailed understanding of your current state and future opportunities, CORE hits the ground running with the exact team you need to provide project management and implementation with maximum efficiency.  

Leveraging opportunities like the evolution of customer expectations is just one trend of many that demands transformation on the part of providers in the telecom and IT space who don’t want to race toward obsolescence in a dynamic environment.

The CORE team stands ready to provide project management and technical expertise for your needed system, network, and data implementation projects.

CORE Implementation Services

Take the results of your IT solutions, consulting, and evaluation and make them happen smoothly and efficiently while keeping your team working together every step of the way. 

Here are just a few of the ways we facilitate your company’s needed IT system migration and transformation: 

Project Management

CORE’s telecom project management services provide your organization with smooth project implementation, management, and future maintenance. By maintaining visibility from planning to completion, we can coordinate your teams and processes for maximum efficiency.  We keep your project on time and on budget . . . you get the credit for creating value and accelerating your company’s path toward revenue growth.

IT System Migration

CORE offers fully customized, seamless end-to-end IT system migration services to drive your business growth. Data migration, application migration, OSS/BSS migration and cloud migration are some of the most common ways we support clients’ business goals.  IT system migration might be needed because of new hardware requirements, vendor changes, or simply to leverage emerging, data-heavy technologies like 5G or AI. Throughout the process, your computer systems, networking, and telecommunication specialists and equipment must be kept working as smoothly possible.  CORE simplifies the complex process of IT system migration so you can maximize efficiency and profitability.

Business Analysis

CORE accelerates your path to success with business analysis fueled by actionable, accurate, and actually relevant, real-time data.  Harness the power of your data with analysis that transforms information into insight and implementation. CORE Business Analysis help you determine and drive superior business outcomes aligned with your strategic objectives.

Business Process Documentation

CORE’s goal is to ensure you get the maximum return on your IT implementation project via clear, complete, actionable business process documentation. This results in easy, coherent transfer of knowledge to all necessary stakeholders to optimize the ongoing success of your system migration project.

Data Integrity & Hygiene

Operation systems upgrades and implementation start with ensuring your data integrity.  But it’s not just an issue of data integrity vs data qualityboth are critical to ensure your telecom projects (like OSS / BSS implementation) run smoothly, every step of the way.

CORE Data Hygiene

Services ensure your implementation yields results that move the needle for your business.  We begin with high quality, reliable data – this is your data quality. We’ll use the benchmarks of data quality including completeness, uniqueness, validity, timeliness, and consistency to evaluate and clean your data, so you can move forward with confidence.

CORE Data Integrity

Services further amplify the value of your implementation project. We focus on industry standards of data integrity including ensuring seamless data integration from all sources, data quality, location intelligence, and contextual cues for richer, more actionable data to support your strategic opportunities.

Data Mapping & Migration

What makes for hassle-free telecom data project implementation? Data mapping that builds the most effective bridge between systems so it’s useable and accurate in the destination system. CORE takes a proactive approach to data mapping & migration in order to avoid unscheduled outages, data loss, or compromised data.  We ensure a smooth data migration process by:

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