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Through years of working with a variety of clients across the telecommunications industry, we’ve developed our Signature CORE Framework to identify your true needs quickly and move your project from concept to completion.

What’s the status quo? 
What’s it costing you?

The CORE Evaluation applies our signature framework to the full spectrum of your needs, from understanding your present circumstances to a seamless implementation with the support you need to sustain success.


Get the insights you need to plan and execute a seamless IT or data migration project

C – CORE Evaluation

A thorough review of your current situation, including OSS/BSS systems, data hygiene and clean-up needs, and present network status, allows us to know exactly where you are now and craft a plan for the most efficient path forward. 

We identify your ideal potential future states and lay out a range of paths you can choose from to get you there. 

This can be a standalone service, but most clients choose a solution that bundles consulting with our full-outsourced implementation services. 

O –Outsourced Services

Once our clients receive our evaluation report and recommendations, most choose to partner with us further, outsourcing the implementation solutions to CORE.  This is the most seamless way to hit the ground running quickly to solve OSS/BSS migration, reporting, or simply getting a handle on your data integrity needs.

R – Right Mix, Right Now

We’ve heard clients say this is our superpower, providing the exact team you need from the moment you say “go.” We just think it’s the best way to provide solutions, by linking a plan with the talent required to make it happen. 

You need the people and capabilities that are right for your project – right now. CORE’s Right Mix approach applies the exact experience and resources you need to move the needle – fast.

From project managers to actually handling the details of your data, along with implementing data repositories and system deployment, we build a flexible and dynamic team just for you with the precise people and skills you need for maximum efficiency with minimal friction.

E –Expert Support for Emerging Opportunities

CORE recommends the expert support you need to leverage emerging opportunities for the long run.  

That includes employee training and engagement, process documentation, and reporting assistance throughout your project.  

And as your new systems launch, you may discover additional opportunities with their own unique requirements. 

CORE’s experts support your team with project managers, system audits, server administration, integration support, and more. Keep your data serving you flawlessly with data quality assurance checks, data integrity support, and reports generated at regularly scheduled intervals that give you real time data you can trust with confidence.

CORE IT EVALUATION & Consulting Services

IT Consultation

Evaluation of your current IT systems, capabilities, and needs is where CORE starts with your project.  Determining the right solution for your current challenges begins with a robust assessment of your IT structure, network analysis, OSS/BSS optimization potential, and likely data clean up needs. CORE IT evaluation also takes into consideration your operating environment and strategic opportunities. This ensures our recommendations are right for you both now and wherever your new possibilities take you.  

Demo Coordination

CORE approaches demo coordination not as a necessary evil, but as a hidden opportunity to facilitate your business’s strategic development.  We coordinate system demos to allow you to evaluate a range of potential solutions to your needs, from automated data processing, data cleanup, OSS or BSS optimization, and more.

Our goal? To facilitate your ability to choose the right system to deliver measurable improvement in outcomes in your process visibility, increased agility in decision making, and enhanced efficiency.

Data Analysis

CORE’s deep commitment to thorough data analysis is a game changer in ensuring smooth data migration and OSS / BSS optimization projects. Our deep data analysis process ensures that your selected system serves your needs by determining the current state of your data health, identifying any deficiencies in data integrity or data hygiene that will compromise later development opportunities, and correcting them early.

Network Audit

CORE helps you prevent potential network issues before, during, and after your IT system migration project. Our network audit services examine and assess areas including availability, security, management, and performance. You’ll gain the insight you need to identify any gaps and a road map to implement any needed network migration improvements.

IT Strategy & Planning

Your IT strategy and planning is only partially about the systems you use – it’s also about the human interactions and dynamics at play within your organization. CORE facilitates optimization of your processes and people. The result? Your IT strategy and planning is as effective as possible in helping you meet your strategic goals.

OSS/BSS System Selection

Unlock the power of your data and network with OSS and BSS system selection support from CORE.  OSS / BSS system selection services leverage CORE’s discoveries and insights about your current strengths and weaknesses to maximize future opportunities with the optimal OSS and BSS systems for your needs. OSS and BSS optimization allows you to harness enhanced decision-making capabilities by integrating previously siloed data to produce real time insights. By helping you select the right OSS and BSS system, CORE enhances your ability to maximize the effectiveness of your processes and workflows internally and externally, and expand your potential service offerings and subscriber base.

Requirements Documentation

CORE knows that your requirements aren’t just about meeting a set of technical specifications or architectures. Your requirements (and thus your documentation) are about meeting your business objectives with needed outputs and providing real solutions

CORE helps you clarify your desired outcomes (and your technical needs, too) through a holistic requirements documentation process. This way, your requirements documentation will enable you to evaluate multiple potential OSS and BSS systems effectively by determining how they support you in achieving your desired end state.

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