The Rule of 78s

Communications service providers know that the first few months of the year have an outsized impact on annual results. Known as the “rule of 78s”, this principle is often associated with recurring revenue sales, however, it also applies to recurring cost reduction.

A netex dollar cut in February will save you $11 in 2021, whereas a $1 netex savings in November saves you $2 this year.

When a venture capital firm acquired a fiber-based CLEC, CORE was brought-in to help right-size their network, optimize utilization and shed unnecessary netex. Our expert team conducted a profitability analysis, reviewing revenue, margin and cost.

We identified and realized cost savings, redesigned their network to support future growth, doubling network utilization and implemented a process to sustain profitable network growth.

Network margins optimized?

At CORE we know netex is just part of the margin picture. We know where to look and how to manage cross-functional teams to get results.


Back office organizations have a lot of things vying for their time. It is easy for important things to get behind. We have been working in telecommunications for over 20 years with companies large and small. We would love to help you get caught up and ahead.

Let us know what can't fit on your plate.

Core Network Strategies

CORE provides experienced industry subject matter experts to assist in obtaining the needed systems, understanding and implementing the right process while ensuring you are loading and using clean data that will allow quick access to accurate information.